Monday, July 25, 2011


I made these pins to sell in my booth at the mall. I saw some online and decided I had to make them! I tried to make some of them look like perfume bottles. I went to Michaels and found this wood box. It had dividers that I tore out then I made the panel they are on with a heavy poster board and velvet paper. I added a lock to the side and a hanger on the back.
I hope that they sell but if not, I will have plenty to use for my crafts!
Have a great day!!!


  1. Lovely stick pins. Stopping by for a visit from Bella Group: Viola Ink. Please stop by my blog for some pudding and pie...

  2. Beautiful Angela, I am sure you will be able to sell them all.

  3. Beautiful Angela. My mother collected hat pins and gave a few to me which I treasure. I am sure your beauties will sell - quickly!

  4. Angela these are so pretty I am sure they will be snapped up quickly


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