Friday, October 8, 2010

Doodle for Elizabeth

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.
-Pietro Aretino

I drew this at work and embellished it at home. I used the Martha Stewart Hydrangea punch for the flowers and there are 31 Swarovski crystals. I also added some wire in the flowers. I thought the saying was nice since my spring flowers and winter girl were sort of and odd pair. I just love using this punch.
I hope you like it Elizabeth! I will send it out to you soon.


  1. Oh Angela, I am speachless! This is so beautiful. Your "doodle" (ha ha more like artist rendering) is stunning. And all the embelllishments. I love each and every one of the 31 flowers with gems and wire. I am also very partial to poems and quotations and love the one you picked to put on the card. I can't wait to receive this work of art. I will try to be patient. Until then, I have a special place prepared to display it on my art table. Thank you so much. What an honor and keepsake.

  2. Wow Angela,..just found your blog when i open one of post with your comment on it :) this painting is totally amazing..i can learn a lot from this painting from colouring to shadowing :)
    I think so far i am still stuck with one craft which is card making :). tried many diff type of crafts but it just simply doesnt suit me well :P.
    As for the stamps would you like to contact me with emai :P...more privacy i
    Here is my email

  3. Elizabeth will die and go to heaven. Awesome work Angela. Hugs,kathy


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